CONTAGION is One of the Scariest Movies Ever Made.

Sometimes the scariest movies are the ones that feel the most real. That is the case with the 2011 film from Steven Soderbergh, Contagion. As we speak, the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) disease is making its way into more and more populations, infecting thousands of individuals. Even at the time of its release, Soderbergh’s medical thriller wasContinue reading “CONTAGION is One of the Scariest Movies Ever Made.”


Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was one of the lone bright spots of Suicide Squad, a movie with so much potential, but sadly ended up being a dumpster fire, despite making bank at the box office. Seeing how Robbie was practically born to play Harley, DC and Warner Bros opted to bring the character back (otherContinue reading “Please See BIRDS OF PREY.”

I Saw CATS in the Theater.

Why on God’s green earth would you see Cats in the theater, John? That’s a question that I’m even asking myself. Based on the popular stage musical of the same name, Cats is about a tribe of, you guessed it, cats called the “Jellicles” (a word you’ll hear in the film a triple digit number of times), who mustContinue reading “I Saw CATS in the Theater.”